Improved Campus Media Procedure & Transparency

The TMSU will be implementing a new media procedure to increase transparency and to streamline the process for campus media

The TMSU is excited to implement a new procedure that will both improve the transparency of the organization and streamline the process that campus media have to go through regularly.

We recognize the importance of responding in a timely manner to requests for information from journalists. As of today, journalists and publications can email to request a comment from the TMSU.

We ask that media requests include:

  • Topic of the request and possible interview themes or questions that will help us ensure the right TMSU representative is delegated
  • Publishing timeline and deadlines
  • Contact information

Our team will direct the request to the appropriate person within our team, or provide a reason for being unable to respond within two business days. Please note that TMSU staff members will not respond to media requests without prior approval via our Media Protocol.

Our website also has a new Media Room page with resources for student journalists looking to contact us:

We hope that this new procedure will ensure our campus media can easily do their jobs and keep students informed on important issues. Should this new process prove effective, the procedure may be codified in the new Policy Manual that is being developed.

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