TMSU Reopening & Rebranding

As you may know, our organization is in the process of rebranding. With the launch of our new website,, we are one step closer to being able to fully serve students at TMU. We were also finally able to re-open our offices in the SCC last week and are going to be able to serve you in person this year, for the first time in over two years. As we come back to the office, expect more updates on our services and how you can reach us.

Over the summer our Board of Directors made the decision to temporarily adopt the name “Toronto Metropolitan Students’ Union” or TMSU, in accordance with the new name of our university. While we are still going through the legal process to change the name on official documents like bank statements and in our By-Laws, we are happy to announce that TMSU will be our name going forward.

Along with our new website, we are re-branding our social media accounts as well. You can now find us on Instagram and Twitter at @yourTMSU. We have also created a Reddit account u/yourtmsu so that we can better engage with you and get feedback directly from students. You can find the links to all of our new social media pages below:

With this re-branding our email addresses will also change, but only the suffix of the email. So if you’ve been emailing, you will be able to reach them at

Our entire team is very excited to be back in person to serve TMU students this year. This rebranding and reopening is not just a simple case of changing our URL and opening our front desk, but reimagining and solidifying how we serve students. It is no secret that this organization has not run smoothly in recent memory, but we promise that will change. We know it is too much to ask for students to trust us, instead we hope to earn your trust in the coming weeks and months as we reconnect with you and make this into a students’ union you can be proud of.

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