Campus Group Resources

This page contains all of the manuals, forms, and other resources that campus groups may require throughout the year. Please double check you’re using the correct form or reading an applicable manual – lots of the forms or manuals are very similar but are intended for different types of groups.


All campus groups questions should be sent via email to:

Room Bookings

There are three types of rooms on campus: SCC/OAK rooms, Regular Rooms, and Specialty Rooms. And there is a different process for booking each.

SCC building front

SCC / OAK Rooms

Rooms in SCC and OAK can be booked on the Student Centre website.

Regular Rooms

Regular Rooms are your average lecture hall or classroom, and these are booked through ExploreTMU.

Specialty Rooms

A few rooms on campus are unique and you must contact the owners / operators of that room to book it (i.e. Sears Atrium or a program-specific meeting space).

Campus Group Forms

Beginning August 14th, 2023 all campus group forms must be handed in to the TMSU in-person at our desk on the 3rd floor of the SCC. We are open Monday to Friday 10am – 6pm. If there are extenuating circumstances and you cannot bring the form in-person, please email

Cheque Requisition Form

Fill out the Cheque Requisition Form any time your group has made a purchase and needs to be reimbursed from your group’s budget or trust account. This is NOT an application to get additional funding, cheque requisition forms can only be submitted once you have purchased the items.

Grant Funding Application

If your group is looking to apply for additional funding, you must submit the Grant Funding Application Form a minimum of 4 weeks in advance of your event. Any application submitted after this deadline will not be accepted by the committee.

You can always reach out to get support writing a strong grant application.

Revenue Deposit Form

Any time your group has income, you are required to deposit it in your TMSU bank account within 10 days. Whether it is cash, cheques, or a wire/e-transfer, fill out the Revenue Deposit Form and submit it along with the income.

Signing Officer Registration Form

A minimum of three Executive Members on your team must fill out this form to remain an active group. These members will have the authority to sign off on all cheque requisitions forms that are submitted to the Campus Group Coordinator

Affiliate Endorsement Letter

Affiliate Groups must submit this form every year to remain an active Affiliate Group.

Executive Registration Form

Every Executive on your team (anyone who is elected or has clear responsibilities) must fill out the registration form.

Official Complaint Form

If you are having internal issues in your group, or are having issues with a campus group and need the TMSU to mediate, please fill out this form and send it to

Campus Group Guides

Finance & Budgets

Quick overview of campus group funding and how to create your budget.

Event Planning

The basics of event planning as well as tips and tricks for groups.

Meetings & Admin

An introduction to running meetings and other admin tasks.


A short guide to campus group sponsorship and fundraising.

Marketing & Outreach

Social media and in-person tips to help you reach more students.


Overview of the tasks that come with elections.

Other Information

Useful TMU Links

Tri-Mentoring Program

Student Learning Support

Campus Life & Engagement


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