Campus Groups

The TMSU has three different types of groups within our organization:

Course Unions

Each TMU program has a dedicated course union representing its enrolled students. This union serves as the primary link to the broader TMSU.

Student Groups

Student Groups range in purpose and mission but all generally aim to build a community around a shared interest, culture, activity, etc. There is a student group for everyone!

Affiliate Groups

Affiliate Groups are groups that belong to a third-party organization, but operate specifically on the TMU campus. Often these are professional groups.

Campus Group Resources

Starting New Groups

Any TMSU student can start a group, so long as you meet the following requirements:

  1. Signing Officers List – your group needs 3 students who will be your signing officers. Download the form.
  2. Members Sign Up Sheet — Google form or paper form with at least 20 full time students [Download the Paper Form].
  3. Constitution – see sample here: Template Constitution
  4. Cover Letter – outline at least 5 activities planned for the year

If you have any questions or when you complete the above steps, you can email the VP Student Life:

Many groups went inactive during the COVID-19 pandemic and have not yet returned to activity. If you see or know of a group that isn’t active, all you need to do is fill out the Executive Signing Officers form with at least 3 students that will run the group as Executives, and send the form in to

Affiliate Groups do not operate like most of TMSU’s campus groups do. Affiliate Groups are groups that belong to a larger organization off-campus, but are an official chapter of that organization for TMU students. Funding is available for affiliate groups, but there are no Budget or Trust accounts, and the processes are a bit different. Each year affiliate groups must fill out the Affiliate Letter.

Funding for Groups

All campus groups (Course Unions, Student Groups and Affiliate Groups) have different procedures to obtain funding. Make sure to read your emails and the instructions on this page closely. All forms to apply for funding can be found here: Campus Group Forms

Every Course Union receives $500 per semester to fund their activities. Every Student Group receives $600 per semester to fund their activities. These funds must be used in the given semester and are available automatically for groups to cheque requisition each semester. Affiliate Groups receive no regular operating funds.

Grant Funding is available for Course Unions and Student Groups with the limit of $5,000 per year, and $3,000 per semester. Funds are not available to groups until the TMSU Course Union or Student Group Committee approves your application. Once your grant is approved, you must spend it in the semester you indicated you needed it for. Funds left unused from Grant Funding will NOT carry over to your budget or trust account.

Affiliate Groups are eligible to apply for sponsorship funding. Affiliate Groups are eligible for up to $2,500 in sponsorship funding each year.

All campus group finances are handled on a reimbursement basis. It is up to your group to make sure your purchase follows our funding policy, and then you make the purchase, submit the correct cheque req form with original receipts, and we get you your cheque. Make sure you use the form for the account you want to withdraw from: either your budget or trust account (or from a grant if you applied and were approved).

Room Bookings

The TMSU only oversees room bookings in the SCC / OAK. There is a limit of two room bookings per week, per group in the SCC/OAK. Every other building on campus is controlled by the university, or your faculty / program. To book any space on campus that isn’t the SCC / OAK, do this through ConnectRU. Email if your group does not have a page or you cannot access it on ConnectRU.

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