SAGM 2022 – We have all new By-Laws!

The 2022 Semi-Annual General Meeting took place on December 1st, 2022, and our entire team wants to thank students for the dedication and commitment to our campus community that they showed last night. We reached well over 200 attendees and did not come close to losing quorum, even following the extremely inopportune fire alarm.

The SAGM continued as planned and we were able to make huge changes that will benefit students for years, and students got to hear from the Executives about their work so far and future plans.

All New By-Laws

The TMSU Governance Committee, Board of Directors, Staff and Legal team worked tirelessly and engaged with students all across campus to deliver a long-needed overhaul of the TMSU By-Laws. The By-Laws are what set the foundation of how we operate and before yesterday they had not been thoroughly reviewed or updated in decades. Our new By-Laws prioritize accountability and clarity – ensuring that students know how we work and have the ability to hold us accountable. You can read our new By-Laws here: TMSU Governance.

Also on the agenda was a motion to formally rename the organization from “Ryerson Students’ Union” to “Toronto Metropolitan Students’ Union”. While we have been operating under the TMSU name and brand since September, this final official step is legally required in order for us to change our legal documents to our new name. Each executive also gave their reports, followed by time for student questions.

Thank You

The success of this SAGM is due to so many students attending, participating, and asking questions. We know that a 3 hour long official meeting isn’t what most people want to spend their Thursday evening at, so we deeply appreciate all of you who made the time in your busy schedules to participate in the democratic process.

We encourage you to stay involved with us. There are so many different and fun ways to stay engaged with your students’ union from volunteering, joining a campus group, to running in the Winter elections, to joining us at events! Feel free to email us ( or DM us on Instagram if you have questions about getting involved.

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