Student Grants

The Toronto Metropolitan Students’ Union (TMSU) recognizes that the high cost of post-secondary education is putting university out of reach for many. To help students with financial need the TMSU offers the following following grants:

Emergency Grant Program

The TMSU is very excited to re-open our Emergency Bursary program for the first time in several years for the Winter 2023 semester. Below you can find the process to apply for emergency bursaries, as well as Frequently Asked Questions.

The Process

  1. Fill out the Emergency Bursary Application Google Form below.
  2. Wait 1 – 2 weeks for the Student Grants Committee to review your application
  3. Once the committee has made their decision, you will receive an email informing you of their decision.

If your application is approved, your cheque will be mailed to the address you provide us in the application.

Frequently Asked Questions

My application was denied, now what?

We understand there is no easy way to hear your request was denied, and our team takes no pleasure in having to make these tough decisions. The Emergency Bursary Program prioritizes students who had unforeseen expenses come up that are getting in the way of their education. If your application is denied, you are still welcome to apply again in a future semester.

I had a second emergency, can I apply twice in one semester?

No, we do not grant more than one Emergency Bursary to a student in a semester. This ensures that we are able to help as many students as possible with the program.

I’m confused about a question on the application form

if you have any questions about the application, or the Emergency Bursary Program at all, you can email

Are there limits to what I can use my bursary for?

Once you have been sent the cheque, that is your money to spend. In the application process the committee will look at your reasons for applying and will determine who will be given bursaries for that semester. Some things, like not being able to afford groceries for example, can be addressed through other programs we offer like the Good Food Centre, or other supports at TMU. We do our best to direct you to the service that can help you the most and ensure the Emergency Bursaries go to students who need them.

Other Grants

The TMSU Board of Directors may decide to offer grants or bursaries for specific purposes, events, or communities. In the past for example, a student residence caught fire and we provided a fund for students who lost items in the fire. All currently active TMSU grants are listed below, if you have questions about previous grants or ones that may be available in the future, please email