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This page contains all the information members of the TMSU need to stay informed and involved in their students’ union. All full-time undergraduate and Law students are members of the TMSU.

The TMSU operates by following our By-Laws and policies, which are decided by the Board of Directors and students at general meetings. These policies dictate everything from the job descriptions of the Executives, to the hours we are open, to how we process cheques.

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November 2023, day TBD

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General Membership Meetings

The TMSU holds two general (or membership) meetings each year – one near the end of the Fall semester and one near the end of Winter semester. These meetings are a time where the TMSU Executives and Staff can update students on the work of the union and get feedback from you. Students can also bring “motions” to these meetings, which ask or require the TMSU to take action on a certain issue. These meetings can be intimidating if you haven’t been to one before, so we are here to support if you want to get involved.


Every winter term (usually starting in January or February) elections are held to elect the Executives and Directors for the following academic year. Executive positions are full-time jobs overseeing portfolios in the TMSU, while Directors support and conduct oversight. Everyone is encouraged to run in the elections, and make sure you cast an informed vote!


The By-Laws set the foundation of the TMSU and how we operate. These can only be changed by students at a general meeting. The By-Laws were last updated at the Dec. 1st, 2022 SAGM.

Policy Manual

The Policy Manual sets the more finite details about how we want to operate and get things done. These can be changed by the Board at their regular Board of Director meetings. Please note that as of Dec 1st 2022, new By-Laws were passed at the SAGM, and the Board is working to update the Policy Manual so they fit with the new By-Laws.

Other Documents

A variety of other important documents set the rules and expectations for how the TMSU runs. These are available below.

Accountability and Transparency

The students’ union is accountable to the Board of Directors, and ultimately students. In this section you can find all the information that we make public in an effort to be as transparent as possible with our membership.

Oversight Committee

The Oversight Committee is responsible for conducting internal reviews of the Executives or Board Members when necessary. If you need to contact the oversight committee, send an email to