Plastic Water Bottle-Free Campus

The students’ union led the charge to make TMU the first Ontario university campus to pledge to stop using plastic water bottles on campus. In September 2013, the university fulfilled the promise to go bottled-water free that the TMSU pushed for in 2010. Check out the news coverage from On The Record, previously the Ryersonian:

Ryerson was the first Ontario university to call for a ban on “water that is bottled and filled privately” The idea being that water is a human right, it should be public service

Rajean Hoilett, RSU VP Equity (2014/15)

This campaign led to many improvements to campus, aside from the environmental benefits that this campaign had.

“The manager of campus facilities and sustainability (CF&S), Kerri Bailey, said that many water fountains have been repaired and replaced to include gooseneck water taps for refilling water bottles. The repairs have cost between $2,000 and $5,000 for each water fountain.” (On The Record, formerly Ryersonian)

It was also noted that new water fountains had been installed, fountains were easier to find and use on campus, and accessibility improvements were made as well.

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