Better Bathrooms

Let’s talk about the sh*ttiest (get it?) situation on campus

We believe that to achieve safer, more accessible, and better bathrooms TMU must:

clearly commit to and create a plan for improving existing washrooms to make them safer and more accessible.

This includes a timeline for washroom renovations and ensuring every washroom has basic safety and accessibility features.

alter current policies to ensure that when buildings are added/renovated there are specific washroom standards.

This should include at least one all gender washroom per building, increased safety measures (i.e. panic buttons, single stall washrooms, safe locations), and increased accessibility measures.

Campaign Goals

  1. More all-gender and single-stall bathrooms in every campus building
  2. Safety buttons and features in every bathroom stall
  3. Universally accessible bathrooms in every campus building
  4. Quality of life improvements

Ever wished that bathrooms at TMU were safer, more accessible and maybe just a little nicer to use? Wish there were no gaps between stall doors or that there were dividers between urinals? Or maybe you’re just tired of walking around for 15 minutes trying to find the closest all-gender bathroom.

Sign The Petition

Read our letter and sign the online petition (or visit us at our events to sign in-person) and join our call for TMU to make sure we have Better Bathrooms.

Show TMU that we give a sh*t!

Here’s what we could have in bathrooms on campus:

  • Safety buttons or pull stations in stalls
  • Accessible and All-Gender Bathrooms in every building 
  • Free Menstrual Products 
  • Free Condoms 
  • More changing stations
  • Hazardous waste bins in every bathroom

Win Prizes & Get Involved!

We will be tabling and running events all over campus during DisOrientation Week and for the rest of September. We will have free stuff, games, and prizes for anyone who comes up to us.

Toilet Keychains have been hidden around campus! If you find one, bring it to us to get a keychain ring.

Follow @safersex.tmsu to get the updates about where we are on campus today and enter our contests!

DisOrientation Week – Tabling & Events

Tabling for Better Bathrooms

Monday to Thursday, 10AM – 4PM

September 11 – 14, 2023

Monday: SCC Lobby

Tuesday: SLC 2nd floor bridge

Wednesday: Outside on Gould St.

Thursday: SCC Lobby

Empowerment Self Defence Classes

2 sessions taking place this week

Visit the CSSSVS instagram to learn more and to RSVP: @safersex.tmsu

12pm – 1pm on Tuesday, Sept 12

5pm – 6pm on Thursday, Sept 14

To learn more about our other campaigns, visit our Equity page.

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