Announcing the Interim Board of Directors

The TMSU 2022 – 2023 Board of Directors has ratified the recommendation of the TMSU Election and Referenda Committee and is happy to introduce to students the Interim Board of Directors that will operate the TMSU from May 1st, 2023 until a by-election can be held in the Fall 2023 term.

Interim Executive Directors

President: Marina Gerges

Vice-President Operations: Nathan Sugunalan

Vice-President Education: Shirin Kalavi

Vice-President Equity: Ra’eesa Baksh

Vice-President Student Life: Shahram Farhadi

Interim Faculty Directors

Faculty of Arts

Maria Eula Faye Beltran

Patrick Robitaille

Faculty of Community Services

Jana Alnajjar

Joanna Eaton

Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science

Patricia Dan-Mcfarlene

Makeen Syed

Faculty of Law

Fatima Sheikh

Tarique Plummer

Faculty of Science

Bahar Taghizadeh

Claire Barnes

Ted Rogers School of Management

D’Juan Callaghan

Kabir Khanna

The Creative School

Gus Cousins


Interim International Director

Victor Ola-Matthew

We thank all of the students who put their names forward to serve on the Board of Directors. The TMSU is stronger for every student that gets involved.

The outgoing TMSU team wishes the incoming team the best of luck and is hopeful for the future of the students’ union. When students are united, we can build a better campus, a better community, and a better union for all.

Prior Updates from the Election and Referenda Committee

The 2023 TMSU election period saw several announcements and decisions from the non-partisan Election and Referenda Committee that is tasked with overseeing and ensuring a fair, democratic election.

The past updates from the ERC can be found below:

March 21st Press Release

March 30th Special Decision of the ERC

April 4th Addendum to the Special Decision of the ERC

April 4th Update from the ERC

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