Good Food Centre Intake 2023

Book Your Intake Appointment Now

Below are two appointment schedules, with different times available. Check both to find a time that works for you:

Appointment Location: SCC B-03A, 55 Gould St. Basement, beside CopyRITE

About the Process

Any TMU student facing any level of food insecurity (the inability to obtain food that meets your dietary needs) is able to use our services, but you must register with us as a member first.

  1. Make an appointment by clicking one of the schedules available under the ‘Book Your Intake Appointment Now’ header.
  2. Attend your Intake Appointment in-person at the Good Food Centre in the SCC basement, beside CopyRITE.
  3. Collect your new Membership Card and enjoy your membership

Make sure to bring the following to your appointment:

  1. Student ID (or Government ID if you don’t have your OneCard)
  2. Proof of student status (signing into myServiceHub)
  3. Current Client ID (if you’re already a GFC member)

Community Guidelines

GFC operates on an honesty basis. Members do not need to prove their need for the service.

We cater to students struggling with finances resulting in food insecurity. As there is a high demand for the service, we ask you to take careful consideration before becoming a member.

Members are entitled to 10 credits each week. Those with dependants get an extra 5, up to 20 total.

Use of the GFC as a “one stop snack shop” will result in membership suspension.

We may place limits or change point values on certain items in response to availability. Bargaining item limits is not acceptable.

Engaging in harassment or hostile behaviour with other service users’ for any reason will not be tolerated.

The GFC is an anti-oppressive space with zero tolerance for discrimination. You must respect everyone in the space and avoid participating in oppressive actions and/or language.