The TMSU is here to represent and fight for students and we have many different avenues that we do this advocacy through. If you are facing issues during your undergraduate career at TMU, we are here for you. You can access all of the different services below, or reach out to us if you aren’t sure where to start. You can find all of our contact information on our Contact page.

Academic Advocacy

When you want academic advice or need to appeal grades or standing, or findings of academic misconduct, or other issues with the University, the TMSU is here to help! Our Academic Advocacy staff can guide you through the university’s policies and procedures and works to protect your rights, book with them on the Academic Advocacy page.


A core part of your students’ union is to run campaigns and to raise awareness about important issues taking place on campus and that affect students. Visit our campaigns page to get involved and learn more about our active campaigns.

Equity Service Centres

The equity service centres are one of the main avenues of advocacy within the students’ union. Whether you are looking to build community, make change within the TMSU, or push for change or awareness across campus — the equity centres are a great place to start.

Good Food Centre

The Good Food Centre is the campus food bank, and in addition to providing free and healthy food to students in need, they also do advocacy work to address food insecurity among students. You an visit their website below.

Centre for Safer Sex & Sexual Violence Support

The Centre for Safer Sex and Sexual Violence Support is part of the TMSU and we work to protect and support survivors of sexual violence, and to educate the community about issues relating to sexual violence, safer sex, and more. We see you. We hear you. You are valid. Visit their website to learn more.

SHIFT Wellness Centre

The SHIFT Wellness Centre is a lounge on the 3rd floor of the SCC that promotes wellness and awareness surrounding mental health topics for all TMU students. SHIFT runs events out of the lounge, and all over campus, and also operates the DeStress Express service which delivers tea, coffee, snacks and other small goodies to students studying across campus.