Welcome to the TMSU Volunteer Program

Most of our volunteer opportunities are very similar, and will involve you helping us set up and/or take down events on campus. The most important quality in a successful volunteer is being passionate about being there, but we also want to ensure our volunteers are well-equipped to handle any issues that could arise. This means being able to respond to someone who has a complaint and is feeling upset, to giving directions on campus, to supporting someone who has experienced a violent incident.

Volunteer Expectations

All TMSU volunteers are expected to adhere to the following expectations in order to volunteer with us. These expectations ensure that we are providing a fun, supportive, and inclusive space for all of our students. Please read the following two short documents which go over the expectations we have for our volunteers:

TMSU Volunteer Expectations 101

About Volunteer Supervisors

Sexual Violence

It is everyone’s responsibility to recognize sexual violence and do what they can to ensure it does not occur. The rates of sexual violence are especially high on university campuses so it is a high priority for our volunteers to be aware and able to support should the need arise.

Sexual Violence in University

Sexual Violence Fact Sheet

Consent YouTube Video

Inclusive Leadership

The TMSU expects our volunteers to build events and spaces where all students feel welcome, regardless of their background and experiences.

Inclusive Leadership 101

Key Takeaways

  1. You are not expected to resolve a crisis or complex situation. Handle it professionally and get your volunteer supervisor ASAP to handle any situation you are unequipped to deal with.
  2. Sexual violence is extremely common in university settings, so it is our job to not only be available for anyone who needs support, but to practice and demonstrate consent all the time.
  3. Communicate with your volunteer supervisor about any issues (running late, confused/lost, etc.).
  4. Have fun! You’re a student, we’re students, the people at our events are students. We are all in the same boat, so don’t stress too much.

Volunteer Training Quiz

Once you have reviewed all of the materials on this page, you can take the Volunteer Training Quiz. It is a very simple quiz, but you will need to read the materials in order to answer the questions correctly. You only get one chance to do the quiz, if you do not get a sufficient passing grade on the quiz you will need to attend an in-person training session in order to become a volunteer. We do this to ensure the safety of all attendees at our events and programming.

Other Information

We will only give volunteers a reference letter after they have volunteered 3 times or for more than a month, whichever comes first.