Volunteer Program

The new and improved TMSU Volunteer Program will provide students with valuable personal and career development opportunities.

A wide variety of opportunities will be available, from back-end operational support to public-facing and outreach opportunities. Students will be able to choose the sort of involvement they want to have and will receive training that will prepare them for the workforce.

Program Benefits

We want every volunteer to leave the program having learned valuable skills and with experience they can bring into future jobs. We also want to recognize all of the contributions that volunteers bring to the TMSU and will have regular opportunities for team bonding and recognition opportunities. Below are some of the benefits that volunteers can expect:

  • Resume and Cover Letter workshops to help you translate your volunteer experience into a strong job application
  • End of year Volunteer Appreciation Gala and awards
  • First Job Preparation training sessions to teach important skills needed in the workplace
  • Reference letters and certificates
  • Team building socials

Overview of Opportunities

Students accepted into the volunteer program will have the ability to choose what type of volunteer opportunities to participate in. Below are some of the opportunities students can expect:

  • Community Garden: Supporting the Good Food Centre’s garden by planting, watering and tending to the plants
  • Food Centre: Assisting the Good Food Centre during their weekly distribution hours
  • Outreach & Street Team: Helping spread the word about TMSU events and initiatives by tabling, postering, and handing out flyers
  • Event Support: Assisting TMSU staff in setting up, taking down, and running our events
  • Class Ambassadors: Students that will do class talks and act as a connection point between TMSU and their class
  • Admin Support: Helping staff with tasks around the SCC like cleaning out offices, storage room organizing, and similar tasks

More opportunities will become available as the program grows.

Apply Today!

The Volunteer Program is now accepting applications for the 2023 – 2024 academic year! There are only 300 spots available, and applications close September 29th at 5PM.


If you have any questions or concerns about the volunteer program, please reach out via email to: