Employee Resources

Reserving the Boardroom or Equipment

If you wish to book the 3rd floor Boardroom (the one attached to the kitchen) or if you want to reserve any of the TMSU equipment that we have, you must follow the steps in the guide below through your TMSU Google Calendar account. You can view the full list of our equipment here: TMSU Internal Equipment List.

You will need to be logged into your TMSU Google Account to view the list and reserve equipment.

How to Use Google Chat

We use Google Chat at TMSU for inter-office communications that don’t require an email. Quick updates or check-ins like “there’s food in the kitchen for anyone” or “are you on your way to the meeting?”. Review this guide to see how we use Google Chat at the TMSU: Google Chat How-To

Event Planning Resources

The following documents are also available in Google Docs as “Templates”. When you click create new, make sure to click “from a template” in google docs. If you use the buttons below, just make sure to “Make a Copy” and not edit the template.

Social Media & Marketing Resources

For any staff that also run a social media page, the following resources are available to help you stay on brand and get your message out.

TMU & Campus Information

For any folks not familiar with campus, these resources can help.